We understand the needs of your business, so we seek to make their internal processes more agile, flexible and easily operated. How do we do it?

Colsin RH

Settlement of payroll, recruitment processes, generating certificates and other operations of human talent in a single programmable, custom tool, and adapted to regulations on labor matters.

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Reduce operating expenses in processes that do not generate value to your brand. With DocBPM you will have full control of your company documents, accessing them from anywhere quickly and easily.

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Colsin BSC

Maximize employee productivity with measurable objectives. Colsin BSC will allow you to track the strategic activities of its staff in relation to the performance indicators set by the company..

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Colsin BPM Suite

Integrate all technological, operational and control applications of your company in one tool. BPM Suite is the specific and customized solution to manage all business processes in just one tool.

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Customized solutions


Our services are backed for CMMI Level 3, a worldwide quality certifcation systems that accredits only 73 companies in Colombia. And we are one of them..

Software Factory

Do you require a specific application for your company? We have extensive experience in the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of computer systems with a architecture oriented in service. Our extensive knowledge in software development allows us to manage the integration of own and external business applications through BPMN process modeling.

Platform Integration

We manage the integration of their own enterprise platforms with our service catalogue to provide a management tool for your organization. Your benefits translate into:

  • Having your information in one place.
  • Reducing cost
  • Fully scalable and sustainable solutions

Operational outsourcing

Through our platform you can integrate Cloud infrastructure and application Colsin HR payroll module with the liquidator without incurring additional costs for your company. Our service includes the availability of an employee portal through which workers will have online access to manage your CV, download flyers, payment, employment certificates, income and deductions.

Document management

We live in the age of information, in which organize data and ranking it appropriately is the best way to mark a competitive advantage for your company. For this reason, we keep updated with the latest technology that allows us to offer solutions to document management processes of your business with extensive experience in Orfeo, EMC Documentum and Alfresco systems. In addition, we perform consulting, upgrades and implementation of operations.


We have a team of professionals ready to provide support to their needs in areas such as:

  • Human Resources Management and strategic planning.
  • Network design of wired and wireless communications, data centers, security systems and access control.
  • Sizing Servers, storage units and backup schemes.


We design and implement technology infrastructure solutions with the support of the leading manufacturers of hardware and software in areas such as:

  • Computer centers, structured cabling networks, fiber optics and power grids.
  • Systems Closed Circuit TV, video networks, video surveillance cameras, equipment management online
  • Supply and implementation of servers, external storage systems, computer equipment, departmental printers and office software.




We are a Colombian organization with over 25 years of experience implementing ITdevelopments for both the public and private sectors, providing our customers timely advice to their projects and ongoing after sales service, which adds to the quality of our inputs and ensuring our services have enabled us to consolidate our position as leaders in the national market technological solutions. Thus, when contracting with Colsin your company not only has access to one of the most complete portfolios of engineering solutions available on the market, but also has a fully professional service and integrated made available with the aim of making more competitive its deal. This is our promise of value.

Engineer Luis Carlos Perez, CEO and founder of the Colombian Society of Computer and Systems Colsin





Leaders in software development


Consulting experts






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Colsin BPM

February 22, 2016

A tool designed to optimize the workflow of companieso

Colsin exports its software solutions to buyers from the US, Canada and Mexico

september 09, 2016

As part of its internationalization strategy computer company plans to enter the competitive US market with solutions agile and flexible software for the enterprise segment.

In Colsin it is creating something important

september 09, 2016

DocBPM The tool, designed to effectively control documentation, promises to reduce the operating expenses of organizations. Colsin tells how

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