Effective control of documentation enables organizations large savings in operating costs and man hours. For this reason we have developed Colsin GD, a tool created from our extensive experience in document management which based on the integration model BPM lets you process and classify all of your business documents and access them from anywhere quickly Management is simple with all legal and safety parameters that your business requires.

Its main modules are:

Unique Window

Keep control of all documents entering, leaving, or generated within your organization. DocBPM provides a number of filed (Customizable) with which you can manage all stages and processes documentation.

physical and digital preservation archive

Classify all rooted, records and business information depending on the life cycle of the document (TRD) Files and centralized management for consultation and return with physical and digital preservation Archives.

Certified digitization

Dematerializes all its physical and store documents in a document repository in the cloud through a certified integration with probative value, which synchronizes information on your organization correctly and safely.

Administration TRD

The system DocBPM It allows the creation, configuration and dynamic management of Documentary Withholding Tables with version control.

Production of Documents

Design, parametrized and produce key documents that are generated in the different business processes (letters, memos), DocBPM makes it possible.

Digital signature

Certify all your digital documents electronically using a digital signature, with or without time stamp, avoiding problems of rejection or alteration of information

ALFRESCO repository Documentary ®

Store all your digital information organization according to its centralized organizational structure, reliable, secure and fully integrated into ALFRESCO®, leader in managing business platform document repositories.

Correspondence Management

Define your real management processes Correspondence (internal and external customer) allowing interacccion with the different platforms they need to know the status of your documents

Electronic file

Consolidate information processes with electronic and physical documents into virtual folders for easy management.

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