DocBPM, the document management solution designed to manage large volumes of information from companies


The tool, designed for effective control of documentation promises to reduce operating expenses of organizations. Colsin tells how.

Maintain full control of the documentation enters, leaves or generated within organizations is a process that most of the time is often debilitating and costly for organizations.

As a solution to this situation, Colsin and Ideas in Action jointly developed the application DocBPM, a powerful software tool capable of integrating document management with the management of business processes (BPM) companies, allowing them not only efficient control the same applied to the current regulations, but also access to them quickly and easily meeting the highest safety standards.

This situation allowed Colsin be one of the participants in the Innovation Week, an event the General Archive of the Nation in attending the leading exponents in document management processes in Colombia, and which seeks to create an interaction between the public and private sectors to enable the use of new technologies for document control and promote the modernization of public archives in the country.

During the event will discuss Open data, transparency and open government, digital preservation, connectivism, digital evidence, protection of personal data and technological innovation in document management, among other aspects, which Colsin and Ideas in Action were based for development its platform with the aim of making it a powerful tool for document management processes designed to meet the needs of government and private sector in Colombia.


Colsin BPM

February 22, 2016

A tool designed to optimize the workflow of companieso

Colsin exports its software solutions to buyers from the US, Canada and Mexico

september 09, 2016

As part of its internationalization strategy computer company plans to enter the competitive US market with solutions agile and flexible software for the enterprise segment.

In Colsin it is creating something important

september 09, 2016

DocBPM The tool, designed to effectively control documentation, promises to reduce the operating expenses of organizations. Colsin tells how

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