Colsin RH is a software support Human Resources designed to configure, define and manage payment schemes and settlement of their employees as well as other processes payroll of your company through one totally flexible, safe, reliable and adaptable tool to your needs. Its main modules are

Task tray

Thanks to the integration of our platform with process models for your organization (Business Process Management), your employees will have greater flexibility in defining work schemes and direct knowledge of their outstanding tasks will be performed in a flexible and simple way.

Content Manager

Colsin RH offers a wide variety of tools for creating business, such as document management, blogs, pages of questions and answers, knowledge management type, WIKI, surveys, videos and training manuals, online web portal, among others.

Staff pick

Create selection processes for new applicants or employees and make follow-ups to these activities, and control the documentation of income through a database of applicants. Likewise, keep a constant control of the positions and functions of your staff based on BPM processes.

Management of CV and Contracts

Have all the basic information, academic, labor and supporting documents of your employees, in addition to contract management issues related to the creation, renewal, permanent concepts and extensions thereof.

Employee Portal

Allow employees to access and update your resume as well as view and print your payment history and certifications, according to the privileges that may be assigned by the administrator.

Performance evaluation

Analyze the productivity of your employees based on the assigned powers and establish different methods and evaluation periods through surveys and forms. RH Colsin is responsible for displaying a graphical analysis of results.

Control panel

Manage access to system users, roles and groups. Configure the structure of the portal and content management system, and customize the graphics function of the system according to your preferences thanks to its programmable function.

Organizational structure

Get a full graphical management of organizational units of your company as well as a clear definition of management factors, profiles, powers, functions, objectives charge and analysis of plant personel.

Document management

Access quickly and safely to all information of reports and documents for consultation, management, versioning, metadata management and load from one place. RH Colsin makes it possible.

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